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Primo Network Adventures suggests that if you love cascading waterfalls and lush green vegetation, then a trip to the Havasupai Reserve is just perfect for you.

Havasupai Reserve, nestled deep in the Grand Canyon Oasis, is where you can enjoy loads of fun-filled activities like camping outdoors and rafting. This is the perfect place where you can get a chance to satisfy your taste buds with mouth-watering barbecues and marshmallows before you prepare to sleep under its starry night. Havasu Falls is the home of the Havasupai tribe, the people of The Blue-Green Waters.

The blue-green color of the waterfall is created from suspended solids of calcium carbonate, which gives Havasu its distinctive look and creates an aura of magic.

Primo Network Adventures members believe that there are only a few places in the United States where you can enjoy the desert and beautiful waterfalls all at the same time.

Havasu Falls Hike

The Havasupai Falls can be your dream vacation to discover its natural beauty and exotic wildlife. This will make you feel as if you are living in your paradise. You can book on its exciting and trekking adventure tours and enjoy an unforgettable experience on a short camping trip that is customized according to your personal preferences. This gives the tourist the chance to go hiking, ride horses or enjoy a helicopter ride down the Havasupai reservation.

Primo Network Adventures members also recommend that tourists visit the spectacular Havasupai Water Fall, which is considered the most photographed waterfall in the world. It is also the favorite picnic spot for the tourists who have the spirit of adventure and enjoy watching the bounties of nature.

Primo Network Adventures suggests that tourists book an all-inclusive camping trip to the Havasupai reservations, where the real fun begins. The guide provides the tourist the proper gear to start their elevated hiking trip and swim across the clear and mineral-rich swimming hole. In the all-inclusive camping package, all the permits, equipment, and food are included, and the tourist gets to enjoy and without a worry in the world.

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