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Primo Network Adventures says When people think of visiting Mexico for their vacation, they often think of traveling to one of the many beach resorts areas. According to Primo Network Adventures Club, Mexico offers many different beach destinations on the Pacific coast and the beautiful Caribbean coastline.

Knowing what the various beach areas have to offer makes it easier to decide which ones you may want to visit.

Primo Network Adventures is your top choice.


One of the most famous for pristine beaches it is an ultimate destination for tourist who wants to spend their vacation there. It offers excellent beaches, fantastic nightlife, and a lot of fun for all ages; it loves this location. It offers many activities, including the famous Mayan ruins that can be lots of fun to explore and sightsee. The diving and snorkeling are world-class.

Cancun beach and The Royal Islander Resort

Puerto Vallarta

This resort destination has been very sought after for a very long time. It is known for its connection to Hollywood movies and stars alike to visit. The movie Preditor with The Governator was filmed nearby.

Puerto Vallarta is also known for its fabulous place to eat. The food in this destination can often be summed up as some of the best in Mexico, with street vendors lining the Malecon.

Los Arcos Amphitheater at Pacific ocean in Puerto Vallarta Mexico


This is the island destination that has the most cruise ships stopping to visit and offering many day adventures for tourists that are on these ships. The area is also an ideal destination for people that enjoy diving and exploring the underwater world that makes this place so unique are around the city.

Cozumel, Mexico via Primo Network Adventures

Cabo San Lucas

What can you say about Cabo, the home to the rich and famous? Best sports fishing in the world and so much more than you can ever imagine. From the famous Los Arco that is a renowned attraction, this destination has easy access to the west coast of the USA. All of Primo Network Adventures resorts are multi-award winning and this why they will always be the top choice when picking your Mexican resort with class and distinction. Visit a Primo Network Adventures resort on your next vacation and see why so many have chosen the Primo way.

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