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Primo Network Adventures suggests that there are endless ways to enjoy your vacations every year. While 2020 and 2021 both offer different difficulties in traveling abroad, many travelers still desire to head to destinations where they can take in new cultures and discover extraordinary experiences. On the other hand, many other travelers simply want to explore their own home countries and discover national and natural wonders they may not have experienced.

There is almost a seemingly endless number of unforgettable destinations within the country for those living in the United States. Depending on when you can travel, different sites may be enjoyed by the entire family any season of the year.

Primo Network Adventures has several recommendations for exciting and family fun travels in the United States for 2021.

The first option includes a trip to Jenkinson’s Boardwalk in New Jersey. The Jenkinson’s Boardwalk is a favorite during the summer season and very appealing in the Spring and the Fall. It seems that it is a local secret, as most out-of-state travelers do not know that the boardwalk opens in April.

New Orleans Waterfront with Primo Network Adventures

That explains why Spring is an ideal time to visit the boardwalk as the summer crowds have yet to set in. Travelers will still be able to enjoy the rides and games on the boardwalk, but with much smaller crowds and shorter lines. Primo Network Adventures highly recommends a trip here with family.

The second recommendation for 2021 is New Orleans. Once Mardi Gras has passed, this unforgettable destination can be experienced without the crowds but with the same party atmosphere. There are grand celebrations to be enjoyed throughout the Spring, such as the French Quarter Festival held in April. Additionally, individuals and groups who come to this destination will still be amazed by its beauty and historical offerings.

As any visitor is quickly made aware, dining in New Orleans is especially unforgettable. With many local and international offerings, a trip to New Orleans should not be missed, according to the experts at Primo Network Adventures.

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